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Posted on February 10, 2016

Winter Travel Destination: Haiti

Ready to escape the cold frigid air, snow filled side-walks for sunny skies and the cool breezes? With spring break along with Easter coming up, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already bookmarked some travel destinations. While I can easily visit Miami or Mexico for a few days, I’ve been looking into my home country, Haiti more and more.

explore Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country who shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Many have never heard of this island, and for others, the name rings a bell thanks to the record breaking earthquake that transpired there back in 2010. Personally, a number of my relatives were directly affected by this ‘quake, of those, many perished. Since than, the country has been trying to rebuild itself and it’s economy taking a huge step towards tourism.

haiti skyline- exploring Haiti

Haiti is a great destination for tourists thanks to numerous waterfalls, underground caves, colonial architecture, and excursions. It is a fave docking destination for cruise ships in the area of Labadee on the northeast coast. Thanks to instagram, I’ve managed to come across a plethora of companies and hotels that provide everything from food excursions, history tours, live performances to all exclusive resorts. Below are some of my favorites.


This company provides excursions like traveling up mountains while on horseback.

MyHaitiTravels 1

Check their instagram for more pics.

Wahoo Bay Beach

An oceanfront resort just 45minutes away from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. This resort has so many activities like snorkeling, isle hopping, beach soccer, kayaks, and more.

traveling to haiti, winter travel, wahoo bay hotel haititraveling to haiti, winter travel, wahoo bay hotel haiti

Check their instagram for more pics.

Moulin Sur Mer

Resort on a white sandy beach, under a warm tropical sun with almond and coconut trees in a colonial setting.

traveling to haiti, winter travel, moulin sur mer hotel

traveling to haiti, winter travel

Check more pics off their instagram.

Kinam Hotel

This hotel has been in existence for many years and is a great option for rest and relaxation. They’ve also won many awards for their customer service excellence.

traveling to haiti, winter travel,

kinam hotel, haiti travel

Check more pics off their instagram.

Karibe Hotel

This establishment is another long time gem in Haiti, decades old.

traveling to haiti, karibe hotel

traveling to haiti, winter travel, karibe hotel

Check more pics off their instagram.

I am planning my first trip to Haiti this year and I can’t begin to explain to you guys just how excited I am. Question is, which establishment¬†I should stay in for my first trip?

While it’s easy to fall in love with the white sand beaches and emerald colored waters, as an educated traveler, take the time to check with your travel assistance provider or the CDC for destination-specific health information before you set sail or depart. It is imperative, not just visiting Haiti, but all countries outside the U.S.


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