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Posted on August 22, 2016

TRAVEL| Top 5 Places to Eat And Visit In Savannah Georgia

If you’re following me on social media (IG, FB, Twitter), you’d know that I’m currently vacationing down south. We chose Savannah, Georgia as our destination because of it’s charm, history and it’s close proximity to the last leg of our travels, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Much of Savannah’s charm lies at it’s Historic District. This isn’t our first trip here. You can actually read my in-depth breakdown on what to do in this post from a few years back. Every time we visit, we like to dine at a different restaurant, discover new places and amenities. Below I’ve compiled some of the new places we discovered this year.

1) Zunzis: This place is a must if you’re a foodie or just appreciate a great sandwich. Personally, I’m not big of those but after hearing such great things about their mega sandwiches, I thought it’d be a disservice to not at least try. The flavors are a combination of Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch influences.

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2) Vics on The River: The day we flew in, we had lunch at Vics. Located on the river front, it’s a perfect mix of a great view and appetizing menu. My family and I ordered the Shrimp Po Boy, Blue cheese Calamari, and buttermilk double fried chicken. The service was fast and as warm as you’d expect down south.

vics on the water, top 5 places to eat in savannah georgia, travel, foodie

3) Leopold’s Ice Cream: At the recommendation of one my readers off instagram, we visited Leopold’s for ice cream.  I can’t begin to explain the burst of flavor that was happening in my mouth. It’s quite pricy for ice cream, but once I had a taste, it pretty much made up for it. I highly recommend a cone especially during a really hot day.

leopolds, top 5 places to eat in savannah georgia, travel

4) The Olde Pink House:  If you don’t visit any of the places in Savannah, you must dine at the Olde Pink House. The house is nearly two hundred years old and goes back to old historic Savannah.  There are several rooms that you can dine at but our favorite is the hall complete with crystal chandeliers throughout and original detailing like crown molding, carvings and portraits.  This time around, I had the apricot flounder with mac and cheese and their signature cocktail drink- the pink lady. I highly recommend this establishment. Just make sure you make reservations.

the olde pink house, savannah, top 5 places to eat in savannah georgia, travel


5) Westin Savannah Harbor Hotel & Resort: Since we’ve started visiting Savannah, we stayed at our fair share of establishments, but by far this hotel is our favorite. It’s located on it’s own little island directly adjacent to the River Walk waterfront of Historic Savannah. There’s a free water ferry that brings you to historic downtown in a matter of 5 mintues or so. Check-in is really easy and they have a late checkout. The pool area is complete with a large pool, __, jacuzzi, and fire pit. It also has in-door restaurant which truthfully I would not recommend. The servers are great but the be prepared to wait a long time (for us, 45minutes for chicken and waffles). There are so many other places where you can eat at. Unfortunately, they get a thumbs down from me in regards to their in-house restaurant.

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Stay tuned for the next post where I’m sharing some of my looks down in Savannah. 

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