Posted on September 16, 2016


September marks the busiest time of my life since…God, I can’t even remember. With teaching my first set of college courses this semester (eeek, professor status), to being back in graduate school (yikes, pupil status), working full-time and blogging, I’m being stretched forty ways to Sunday. So, for-warning, expect to see a lot of casual wear on the blog for the next few weeks. Aside from pulling out my work clothes the night before, dressing has become a total chore. On weekends, I’m busy prepping lesson plans, writing papers, trying to fit in date nights, family time and of course, me time so I have to dress multipurposely–yes, I just made up a word. 

Performance-wear/athletic-wear-whatever you want to call it, has become everyday-wear for me on the weekends.  One Sunday, I went from taking my daughter to soccer practice in the morning, to the weekly stock-up at Trader Joes, to an impromptu movie date. To jazz up my Adidas graphic tee and leggings, I added mules and this statement sequined varsity jacket. Yup, I guess I can say that I got this athleisure thing in the bag.

Adidas tshirt (in-stores only)||Adidas Originals Leggings||ANT Sequin Varsity Jckt|| Kendall+Kylie Mules||Nordtrom Sunnies

@adidas #adidasoriginals #athleisure #mules #fallfashion #ashleynelltipton #HereIAm #kendallKylie #essiemules #varsityjacket

@adidas #adidasoriginals #athleisure #mules #fallfashion #ashleynelltipton #HereIAm #kendallKylie #essiemules #varsityjacket

@adidas #adidasoriginals #athleisure #mules #fallfashion #ashleynelltipton #HereIAm #kendallKylie #essiemules #varsityjacket

So, the best advice I can give for hitting that athelisure trend is to just add heels or boots and statement pieces-a trendy jacket or blazer, scarf, accessories, etc. You truly can put any spin to it just as long as it works for you. Also, it’s not just for the young. Women of all ages are giving it a run.  Are you with this whole athleisure trend? Comment below your thoughts! I’d love to hear!!!


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