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Posted on January 22, 2017


Just about everyone person knows that women are organically strong, minus one orange president I will not mention, however the events of this weekend’s Women’s March showed our unbreakable strength in numbers.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 4.12.05 PM

Millions of women all over the United States, from Washington, D.C. to California to Boston, banded together to march against inequality and in defiance of the new president. Often times, we do not know our true strength until we’re tested and lord knows, one of the biggest test in our lives awaits us for the next four years.  With that being said, why should this march affect you?  Well, for one this march may

  • motivate more women to run for political offices hence more representation in government
  • Set the ball running for equal pay in the workplace in this country
  • Affect Trump’s legislation against implementing laws that will set women’s right back decades
  • Women no longer have to hold themselves against ridiculous standards when the president elect hasn’t
  • Call for racial and economic equality and anti-discrimination against LGBT
  • Continue access to affordable reproductive health care including contraception
  • Affect immigration reform and protections

While I wasn’t able to participate, I did support from afar and glad that family members and friends of mine were able to attend and have their voices heard.  Not to mention, instagram served a great outlet to some of the best protest signs! I’ve included some below.

The best protest signs from the Women’s March on Washington

  1. women's march D.C., sandee joseph, curvenvy blog, The best protest signs from the Women's March on Washington
  2. women's march D.C., sandee joseph, curvenvy blog, The best protest signs from the Women's March on Washington
  3. women's march D.C., sandee joseph, curvenvy blog, The best protest signs from the Women's March on Washington
  4. For the Harry Potter fanatics out there…   MARCH Collage
  5. women's march D.C., sandee joseph, curvenvy blog, The best protest signs from the Women's March on Washington


If this weekend left you with anything, remember this….


Get dress here

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Posted on December 29, 2016

BEST OF 2016

Happy (almost) New Year!!

2016 was an epic and amazing year for me. In case you didn’t know, I ended it (as in few days ago) with the purchase of my very first home! So excited to becoming a home owner. Living in NYC, it’s so hard to achieve but by the grace of God, a commitment to saving we were able to buy without a mortgage! I can only hope and pray that 2017 holds more amazing things in store for myself and my family.  I’m also so appreciative of you guys-yes you! Thank you for all your comments, enthusiasm, thus far on this journey with me and CurvEnvy. I am in the works of adding some awesome content in the new year, including home decor, interior design, more beauty and international travel starting with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February.  Since I’m moving, I will also plan another blog sale within the next couple of weeks!! Make sure you sign up for Curvenvy newsletter so that you can have first dibs on many of the pieces I’ve styled on here, and a lot that never made it. With that being said, lets take a stroll down memory lane of some of my favorite 2016 posts and looks.


Shop some of the looks below:



Shop My Look Below:

Posted on December 21, 2016

Style| How to Wear All Black

Can’t believe I’m wearing all black and its four days ’til Christmas! This beautiful blouse was a gift and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Initially, I had so many items on my list but as time went on, nothing on that list mattered as much. This year has been an amazing year for me filled with many firsts.  I went back to school for another professional degree, I taught at my University for the first time, I moved to  Brooklyn, New York and most recently, I just learned that our offer was accepted and we close in a week on our first home! I’m so grateful for all the positive things in my life, including you guys! Thanks so much for commenting, liking, and participating with me on social media as well as on this blog.  It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. I had planned on throwing a couple of giveaways but with this recent news, we’re busy packing and setting things up for the move. However, I will be giving them away after the new year.


Although I favor color and neutrals, I always appreciate an all-black look. This particular one, I wore to work this week.  There really isn’t any wrong way to wear black but there are some do’s and don’ts. For one, the shade of black comes in variety of shades from off-black to blue-black.  The key to looking cohesive is to wear the same shade throughout. Pairing various shades of black, honestly, can come off as looking ashy or washed out. Although my black top is a mix of lace and taffeta, I simply paired it with a nude camisole underneath (my black was was MIA), in order to mute the sexiness a bit.  Added my pleated skirt and metallic brogues for some added visual interest.



Posted on December 19, 2016


As many of you know, I don’t solely run this blog, but I also have a career in higher education. With that being said, many of the looks featured on here are outfits that I wear to work (I often take my blog pictures on my lunch break).  Although I love trendy pieces and pair them with my looks from time to time, there’s something to be said for the classics (white crisp button-down, pencil skirts, etc).  I tend to go classic with my accessories especially my watches.

@danielwellington watch, valentino rockstuds, leather pencil skirt, work ottd, office fashion, plus size fashion

@danielwellington watch, rose gold, classic watches, white rockstuds

My Daniel Wellington rose gold and black watch fit the bill, not only is it classic with the dark leather band and round face, it adds a little trend with the rose gold accents.  Not to mention, it’s totally unisex and you can pick which strap(s) you want it with.  With Christmas around the corner, this is a perfect gift for the woman or man in your life.  If you’re a late bird like me, order by December 21st and you will get the watch just in time for Christmas or Hannukah (I celebrate both).

Make sure to use my code “CURVE” for 15% off your order.


@danielwellington watch, rose gold, classic watches

Tell me, which one(s) your favorite?

Thank you to Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this post.

Posted on December 14, 2016


Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

‘Tis the season to party-Holiday Party that is. Getting dressed up for your family and friends shin-dig is one thing, but what about the office holiday party? What if you’re not one for sequins and furs? Or do you ask yourself questions like, can I get away with this from 9-5 and afterwards? Is it too cold to go bare-legged?  Who would’ve thought that there were so many uncertainties that come with dressing the part?! Fear not, I’ve got you! In collaboration with Old Navy, I’m sharing three looks for three different party environments.


If you’re lucky enough to work at an establishment that actually goes super fancy for their holiday parties, I’m jealous. I love nothing more than to wear a to-the-floor gown. However, in real life and for most of us, office holiday parties are often right at 5pm (if not earlier), so you’d need to wear something you wouldn’t mind sitting in all day long. Cue the pants suit. How luxe is this velvet blazer and pant?! Paired with a velvet camisole, it has an air of sophistication while being party ready. Since the weather has taken a turn for the cold, velvet fabrics work perfectly to keep you warm while being uber chic.

P.S. Since it is the holidays, don’t forget to go for glam in a chic fur coat. You get warmth & style simultaneously. Asos, has a great variety of coats, but being the uber feminine person I am, I always go with their faux fur pieces. They’re budget friendly and oh so cute! They sell out quick, so don’t delay!

@oldnavy #OLD NAVY #VELVETSUIT #velvet #winterfashion #holidayfashion $onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph

@oldnavy , OLD NAVY, #velvetsuit #velvet #winterfashion #holidayfashion $onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph

@oldnavy , OLD NAVY, #velvetsuit #velvet #winterfashion #holidayfashion $onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph



Evening Holiday Party

So your holiday party isn’t during the work day, but starts later in the evening. It’s not super fancy, but you have a little more give as to the selections you can wear.  Cue the jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits year round and I fell head over heels over this foil beauty. The fabric is like a mix of foiled brocade accents. I paired it with a crop faux fur jacket for even more flair and don’t forget the red lip.

@oldnavy #jumpsuit #jacquard #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion

@oldnavy #jumpsuit #jacquard #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion

@oldnavy #jumpsuit #jacquard #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion



Casual Holiday Party

So you’ve decided–sequins will not be making an appearance this year, but you still want to look festive but comfortable. Cue party pants! Old Navy’s pixie pants (straight size), this holiday season, comes in a statement heavy gold brocade print.  I LOVE these pants. Naturally, I’d pair them with stilettos, but since I wanted to show how easy it is to dress them down, I opted for sneakers instead. The Cheers graphic t-shirt helped further establish the casual aesthetic while simultaneously telling everyone what you’re there to do-just saying! So, relax–have a glass of champagne and take tons of pics, ya’ know for the ‘gram.

@oldnavy #pixiepants #partypants #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion

@oldnavy #pixiepants #partypants #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion

@oldnavy #pixiepants #partypants #winterfashion #holidayfashion #onstyle #fauxfur #sandeejoseph #curvenvy #plussizefashion #graphicshirt





I had such a blast styling these Old Navy pieces. I love the versatility of the velvet pants and blazer and the eye catching effect of the brocade party pants. Which ever kind of party you’re attending, you’re sure to be a hit in your Old Navy pieces.

Now, tell me, which one(s) your fave?


Posted on November 30, 2016

Wear A Slip Dress To The Party This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving over, soon will begin the season of holiday parties. Ladies, this is our annual opportunity to justify an abundance of sequins, tutus and all things glam, which I will feature soon. But, I’m starting with a more simple look that is not only comfortable, but truly can be pulled off by women of all sizes-the slip dress.

slip dress, @justfab #slipdress #silkdress #plussizefashion #velvetduster #velvetandsilk #justfab #Eileen FisherLongVelvetKimono

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