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Posted on December 21, 2016

Style| How to Wear All Black

Can’t believe I’m wearing all black and its four days ’til Christmas! This beautiful blouse was a gift and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Initially, I had so many items on my list but as time went on, nothing on that list mattered as much. This year has been an amazing year for me filled with many firsts.  I went back to school for another professional degree, I taught at my University for the first time, I moved to  Brooklyn, New York and most recently, I just learned that our offer was accepted and we close in a week on our first home! I’m so grateful for all the positive things in my life, including you guys! Thanks so much for commenting, liking, and participating with me on social media as well as on this blog.  It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. I had planned on throwing a couple of giveaways but with this recent news, we’re busy packing and setting things up for the move. However, I will be giving them away after the new year.


Although I favor color and neutrals, I always appreciate an all-black look. This particular one, I wore to work this week.  There really isn’t any wrong way to wear black but there are some do’s and don’ts. For one, the shade of black comes in variety of shades from off-black to blue-black.  The key to looking cohesive is to wear the same shade throughout. Pairing various shades of black, honestly, can come off as looking ashy or washed out. Although my black top is a mix of lace and taffeta, I simply paired it with a nude camisole underneath (my black was was MIA), in order to mute the sexiness a bit.  Added my pleated skirt and metallic brogues for some added visual interest.



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